Whenever you get an opportunity to demonstrate yourself as Food Safety Professional, how confident are you to deliver?

The Degree & Certificate demonstrates the fundamental knowledge and skills for having “Food Safety” know-how. In the current scenario of Pandemic, how are you thinking to get yourself placed or hired by Food Manufacturing / Processing Company? What it takes to get an entry into the industry? Every one of us are at very critical juncture where in our profession, “Safety” is sitting at the core. Are you well prepared for it? How are you keeping yourself updated about the Food Safety standards and industry’s best practices? Ask yourself…

Potential Food Safety Hazards that causes serious consequences for the customers may leads to severe issues not only to the health of any businesses but also to the people. There are ways to control is to have a better Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in place with well-trained employees. Food safety, in all the countries globally, is one of the legal requirement to prepare Safe food. A safe food culture starts from basic education, from home, daily practices and developed through continuous training.

Success of a Food business lies in “Right Food Hygiene Practices” implemented through the right training. Businesspersons, while paying attention to make profits, ensures the safe food supply chain practices at the same time. They always ensures their team have the competency, skill and keeping everyone up to date in something is very important. In such scenarios a bachelors / post graduates passing out from the colleges along with a competent Food safety training adds a grace mark to their application or resumes. Hiring a trained staff is worth more than selecting a staff and then providing with the training sessions.

This is the right time to “SHARPEN YOUR SAW” and keep yourself update or upgrade with new skills in food safety. Learn from the Food Safety Practitioners like Auditors, Tutors or Consultants so as to achieve your goal(s). When you have a right agenda just sharp it with the essential training’s to add on grace marks to your resume. People always try to hire somebody to prepare a resume or modify them to get attracted in the crowd. Then why don’t you choose for the right training…. We don’t know when an employer is searching for somebody with a relevant food safety training and when you come across with the opportunity, then you should not think of attending a training which might not be happening only for you….


Here are some TIPS for you:

  • Food Safety / Food Hygiene Training Grade I – Ideal for the food related jobs
  • Food Safety / Food Hygiene Training Grade II – Ideal for those who work in food preparation like manufacturing, catering, retail …
  • Food Safety / Food Hygiene Training Grade III – ideal for the managers and supervisors

Legally is there any requirements to have a specific certificate? NO..

Then why? Certificate tells you that you have the required skills and training. With certificate you may have a chance to enter a new world.

How to demonstrate is the second phase – all is with you to prove. Food safety training certificate is a stamp of excellence you are telling the world you are ready with specific skill(s). By the time you may be picked / noticed / screened from the pool. It’s you to prove the competency ……

Are You Ready ???

I try to say to the young champions

The future belongs to the competent ones and not to the well-meaning individuals

Become Leaders, Not Just Managers with Certificates!