Awareness Training


Training educates and ensures staff in understanding the processes, to prevent cross-contamination, to prepare safe & hygienic food and protect consumers from ill- health/injury. Food Safety training is essential to decrease incidences and overall rates of food borne illnesses and outbreaks

Food business operators are required by law to ensure their employees receive the appropriate instruction in food handling, and whoever is responsible for maintaining business food safety measures must have had the correct kind of training. Food safety training will ensure that your staff are aware of the ways to prevent improper storage, cross-contamination while cooking, environmental contamination, cross-contamination from equipment and person-to-person contact.

List of Awareness Training(s) we conduct
  • Food Safety Foundation course
  • HACCP and its basics
  • COVID-19, A Positive Approach
  • Good Hygiene Practices Basics
  • Good Storage Practices Basics
  • Good Manufacturing Practices Basics
  • Food Allergens Awareness
  • Food Defence Management
  • Food safety Documentation
  • Site Security management
  • Food Traceability Management
  • Quality Management Awareness
  • Environment Management Awareness
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management

” Effective Training along with really helpful insights on how to handle this pandemic situation. 


Positive approach to COVID-19 training was apt and gave more confidence for the team to come out to work and follow safety practices.



Food Safety Preventive Control for Human Food Course Training Date: 2023 July 28 to July 31 Training Time: 9.00 am IST Training platform: virtual zoom application Enquiry email: Training Registration link...

Essential Skills Required in the Food Industry

Essential Skills Required in the Food Industry

Whenever you get an opportunity to demonstrate yourself as Food Safety Professional, how confident are you to deliver? The Degree & Certificate demonstrates the fundamental knowledge and skills for having “Food Safety” know-how. In the current scenario of...